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Past Events

International Association of Gaming Advisors Summit 2022

Serious Play 2022

Dr. Weser invited to speak at the Biweekly Research Series hosted by the Human Engineering Research Laboratories in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dr. Weser featured as invited speaker in research presentation and panel entitled “Virtual Reality as a Research Tool”

Dr Weser presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence

Dr. Hieftje gave the Keynote presentation at the Intercultural Competence and Global Education: New Perspective, Implementation, & Evaluation 2021

Dr. Weser Gives Cognitive Science Public Lecture at Vassar College

Dr. Marks was an invited speaker at the Pediatric Gaming Technology Symposium

Dr Marks was an invited participant at the National Cancer Institute Innovation Lab

Drs Hieftje and Marks presented at the International VR and Healthcare Symposium